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Tofu Kingdom

Indie Pop/ Shoegaze/ Dream Pop...
Band from Hong Kong

Tofu Kingdom was formed in Hong Kong in April 2021, whose line-up comprised young Rita and Sam. They knew each other from childhood (1x years old). Despite having a squeeze on budget to support their music creation, they are still vibrant and youthful thanks to music!

The two youngsters listen to a diverse array of music. Creating, communicating, composing, O! What a beautiful scene! After numerous restless nights of sourcing tracks and styles, the duo finally settled on dreampop and shoegaze as the foundation, thus inadvertently developing their own distinctive musical style (In simple terms, Indie Pop).

Oh, wonder! How many godly bands are there here!

O brave new world, the bearer of such beauteous band!

Right now, they are focusing on creating more and more songs, as well as recruiting kindred spirits tofus, slowly marching towards their goal of having a world tour (Traveling YEAHHHHH!).



他們聆聽不同種類的音樂,相互激盪創意、交流創作,多麼的美好!歷經無數日夜的引經據典,最後他們決定以Dream Pop和Shoegaze為音樂的主幹,無意間悟出獨有風格(簡單來說是Indie Pop),並以錄製奇幻有趣的音樂錄影帶為己任。