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Mystics Sons

“Filled with warm and enticing textures, a soaring atmosphere, and killer hooks layered throughout, they are making their mark as one of the more compelling names on the rise right now.”

Havoc Underground

“Somehow able to grasp the perfect blend between uplifting and melancholic, the band has succeeded in producing a refreshing and dynamic release.”

Music For All Magazine

“A timeless journey through the nuances of music and the mind awaits you in the delicate arrangements that the EP Souvenir, by the band Tofu Kingdom, makes a point of exploring in 5 splendid tracks.” (Article in Portuguese)


“The duo are honing their sound and taking a tonne inspiration from the world around them as they mould shoegaze and indie rock into something new and bold. It’s creamy, thick, spicy and fizzing as it hits you, alive with grace and youth. “

Headbangers News

“We are directed to an exciting and melancholic universe at times. Tofu Kingdom wants to tell us stories. …The EP Souvenir presents the sound with a different perspective for listeners to ingest.”